The Story of Lover's Rock

Saturday 13th October at the globe in hay
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The Story

“Lovers Rock, often dubbed ‘romantic reggae’ is a uniquely black British sound that developed in the late 70s and 80s against a backdrop of riots, racial tension and sound systems. Lovers Rock allowed young people to experience intimacy and healing through dance- known as ‘scrubbing’- at parties and clubs. This dance provided a coping mechanism for what was happening on the streets. Lovers Rock developed into a successful sound with national UK hits and was influential to British bands (Police, Culture Club, UB40) These influences underline the impact the music was making in bridging the multi-cultural gap that polarized the times. The film sheds light on a forgotten period of British music, social and political history.”
– Director Menelik Shabazz

G-riots arts presents an evening of film and music in honour of British Black History Month at the globe at Hay, with The Story of Lover’s Rock, a popular documentary film by celebrated director Menelik Shabazz, and renowned UK DJ crew Reggae Pie.
This screening has been made possible due to the generosity of the filmmaker and through the support of the globe. The film screening will start promptly at 6 pm and will be followed by an evening of dancing to the sounds of UK DJ legends Reggae Pie. Tickets are £5 in advance online or from Davies Newsagents in Hay-on-Wye. £10 at the door.

The Story of Lover’s Rock is an internationally acclaimed feature length documentary that tells the story of a genre of reggae that was created in the UK, including conversations with leading UK artists Dennis Bovell, Paulette Harris-German, Janet Kay, Maxi Priest, UB40, Levi Roots, and others

Lover’s Rock is an influential music form which was copied by artists around the globe, and was very successful in the 70s and 80s. The genre remains popular today.

Menelik Shabazz will be in attendance for a Q&A after the screening.

This event is the first in a series of ‘G-riots arts presents’ screenings featuring independent filmmakers, developed by Marva Jackson Lord who is a Wales-based writer, digital media consultant at G-riots arts, and produced the first major Black History Month event in Powys. .

Menelik Shabazz

Menelik Shabazz

Menelik Shabazz is the award winning film director/producer/writer of The Story of Lover’s Rock. He is a pioneer in the development of contemporary Black British cinema. Born in St. John, Barbados, he has lived in the UK since the age of five.

Menelik is best known for his acclaimed debut feature Burning An Illusion, which won the Grand Prix at the Amien International Film Festival in 1982. The film also won the lead actress, Cassie Macfarlane, the Evening Standard Award for ‘Promising Actress’(1982). Burning An Illusion was only the second feature film by a black director produced in the UK. The film continues to be shown today on media courses at Universities and Colleges and has become a cult classic.  He has also been acclaimed for his most recent documentary Looking For Love.

Reggae Pie

Reggae Pie

DJs Extraordinaire

The quality ingredients that go into Reggae Pie are:

Fantastic PA with thumping bass and quality tops for a sound that you feel

DJs with a love of their music – be it Reggae, Ska, Calypso, Dub Step, Rock Steady, Mento, Dance Hall & Lovers. They bring the whole kit and caboodle with a big helping of niceness!

Joining us at the globe this Black History Month are Reggae Pie resident selectors Dr Nicodemus Puffalot and Ally Hardy Baba.

They invite you to come have some Pie!

Get your earlybird tickets today

Advance Tickets are £5 online or from Davies Newsagents in Hay-on-Wye. £10 at the door.








The Day Of the Screening

Despite the high winds and rain we’ve had over the last couple of days, the predicted weather forecast looks promising for the evening of our screening at the globe in Hay of The Story of Lovers Rock, the documentary Menelik Shabazz created about this uniquely Black British sound that developed in the late 70s and 80s against a backdrop of riots, racial tension and sound systems. Come join us also after the screening for a Q & A with the director Menelik Shabazz and some wonderful dancing to some of the best Reggae music provided by the Reggae Pie crew!

Event Details

Date: 13 October 2018
Time: 6 pm to 11.30 pm
Location: the globe at

Predicted Weather

Temperature: 17°
Rain: 34%
Humidity: 68%
Wind: 24 SSE

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