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The Story of Griots Arts Ltd

Inspired by Tradition, Empowering Modern Storytellers: Griots Arts Ltd (GAL)

Named after West Africa’s ‘griot’ — a travelling poet, musician, and storyteller who maintains the tradition of oral history — Griots Arts Ltd is a web design and digital media consultancy based in Wales. Founded by Marva Jackson Lord, a trailblazer in cultural celebration, she produced the first Black History Month event in Powys in 2004. Coming from a rich background as a writer and a club and community radio DJ in Canada, Marva infuses her deep understanding of the arts, culture, and storytelling into her work with Griots Arts.

Our company provides tailored services to writers, filmmakers, musicians, storytellers, arts, and community organizations, helping them establish, maintain, and grow their online presence. We offer bespoke online platform management and administrative services, either working independently or integrating seamlessly with your team, as per your needs.

With Marva’s vision guiding us, we blend creativity, technical expertise, and a deep understanding of the arts and community sectors to create digital solutions that resonate with your audience. At Griots Arts Ltd, we do more than just build websites or manage social platforms. We help you tell your story, connect with your audience, and grow your digital footprint.

Carrying forward Marva’s passion and the legacy of the traditional griots, we are not just digital consultants. We are modern griots of the digital age, maintaining the rich varied traditions of storytelling, now through the medium of digital technology.

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