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Griots Arts Ltd fuses tradition with cutting-edge

web design to transcend digital platforms.


 Our expertise lies in storytelling, forging connections,

amplifying voices in the arts and community.


 Embark on a captivating journey where

your story commands the spotlight.


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Website Development

Marva has a great eye for visually arresting images, a fine sense of presentation and excellent awareness of prevailing trends in website design, e-commerce, and all the things I’ve needed to keep up with in maintaining my online presence as a creative musician. I strongly recommend her skills, talents and find her very easy to work with.

Juwon Ogungbe

Strong Digital Presence

Marva pays close attention to who you are as an artist because bringing that dimension to your online presence deepens your connections and adds an enormous amount of value for growth and recognition.

Lillian Allen

Beyond Design

I know that Marva has built a company focusing on design and digital media consultations, however I approached her with a different ask. With my first book coming out, and many themes that have resonance with experiences of the Black diaspora in the UK, I wanted to ensure that even with a mid-sized Canadian publisher, my book would still be noted there. With her deep connections in the arts worlds, Marva rapidly conjured the right creative connections for me.

Gloria Blizzard


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